Android Pie in Pixels

Well, Google finally announced its newest operating system for android smartphone, Android P (9.0). The technology company also revealed the official name of Android P, namely Android Pie.

The update of Android Pie has also been rolled out to a number of devices today, Tuesday (07/08/2018). The first smartphone that will taste Android Pie is a smartphone made by Google, the Pixel. Starting from Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, to the latest later: Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

So, when will Android Pie be present on another non-Pixel Android smartphone? According to information reported on the Tech Radar page on Tuesday (07/08/2018), Android Pie will slide into several smartphone series on December 21, 2018.

The series in question is the Android One smartphone series and several smartphone series, such as the OnePlus 6, Sony Xperia XZ2, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, Vivo X21UD, and Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s. Continue reading Android Pie in Pixels

Electronics gadgets Questions When To Use GPS

GPS for Car

Do you ever stop to wonder how private detectives and special presidency forces can easily track folks wherever they’re? It is down to the fact they utilize GPS or global Positioning System and other clever electronic gadgets. It consists of satellites and receivers based in outer space that give the opportunity for folk to spot the precise situation of the person or object they’re making an attempt to track using a GPS device .

Recently many have realized the seriousness of GPS that having their own GPS electronic gadgets has turned into a prerequisite. You’ll find all kinds of devices equipped with GPS like trackers and jammers. Some are extremely convenient or movable which even youngsters can carry around with them. High-Tech wristwatches, cellular phones, and even state of the art autos now come with GPS.

So why do folk go crazy over GPS? Well, if you consider the various uses of this system, you too would undoubtedly get your own GPS electronic gadget. Its primary purpose is for tracking. Many investigators use GPS to trace folks under their surveillance. In the meantime mothers Continue reading Electronics gadgets Questions When To Use GPS

Is Germany An Expensive Country For Foreign Students To Buy Gadgets?

Germany is among the best countries to study abroad, and it offers great universities and high-quality life. Everyone can get a free scholarship to study in Germany. Germany is generally inexpensive for students compared to other European countries. But it is essential for students who want to study in Germany to estimate the cost of living and see whether they can afford it. Due to this affordable cost of living in Germany, students can afford to buy gadgets. For those in Germany who want to save money on buying electronic gadgets, kindly visit a reliable and affordable online shop like Medimax for more affordable deals. This combines online stores to get various electronic gadgets ranging from the latest smartphones to household electronics. One of the best ways of reducing the cost of living is engaging in healthy purchasing. When you compare the prices of various items, you will end up saving a lot of money.

Cost of study in Germany

Studying abroad is an opportunity that comes once in many people’s life. However, the amount of money required often makes it a more realistic ambition. There appears to be a general rule that the more popular a study destination is, the greater the expense of schooling. Germany, fortunately, is an exception to this rule. Even though Germany is one of the world’s top five study destinations, the cost of education in the country is relatively low. Tuition fees were abolished in Germany in 2014 due to a government decision, yet this does not explain the entire issue. Many students in Germany misinterpret the concept of “free education.” Some mistakenly believe they will not have to pay anything, while others cannot believe that studying in Germany is so inexpensive. There are a lot of things you should know about the expense of studying in Germany.

Tuition Fees in Germany

When it comes to studying abroad, the first thing that comes to mind for most students is the cost of tuition. You won’t have to worry about it in Germany. Unlike other popular study destinations throughout the world, where tuition expenses are a major worry, international students in Germany do not have this problem. Tuition costs were abolished for all students enrolled in public universities, including international students, under a government plan passed in 2014.

This has been a major driver of international enrollment growth, with over 380,000 international students presently enrolled in this country’s universities. Although tuition fees were restored in some regions of the country in 2017 and international postgraduate students were required to pay for their degrees, the cost of studying in Germany remains far lower than elsewhere. Even though there are no tuition fees to pay, colleges in Germany levy a nominal fee to cover administrative costs, the student union, and public transportation.

Tuition fees at private universities are determined on an individual basis. As a result, costs will vary depending on whatever university you choose. They’re also reviewed regularly and are frequently susceptible to change. Although most colleges charge the same fees for all degrees they offer, the cost of studying at private institutions is sometimes determined by the subject you choose. MBA and engineering degrees, for example, are recognized to be among the most costly study programs.

Cost of living in Germany

If you’re an international student traveling to Germany, one of your first queries will likely be, “Is Germany expensive?” In comparison to other countries, the answer is no! For professionals, the average cost of living in Germany is roughly €1200. In more expensive cities with higher rents, this might rise to €1500-€2000. However, if you’re a single student traveling to Germany, you can expect to spend €800-1000 per month on living expenses, with rent being the most expensive. The amount you pay for rent is higher if you’re moving as a couple, but your overall living expenditures should be lower if you split your bills. The cost of living varies from one city to another, just as it does for professionals. As a result, living and studying in Munich would be significantly more expensive than in Cologne, Mainz, or Potsdam. The cost of living in smaller is cheaper than in larger cities. The cost of living in Germany is significantly lower than in other popular student locations in Europe, such as London, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Germany is among the best places that anyone can go to study abroad. The tuition fee is affordable to many students. The cheap cost of living for students’ subsidized accommodation and transportation makes it awesome for most students.

5 Polite Ways to ask for a Customer Review as a Brand

No matter how good a business is, or how quality the products and services it offers are, customer reviews are essential. Not every prospect will take the words of a business as it is.

Sometimes, people believe other customers than they believe the business. This is why knowing how to ask for a review is essential for every brand.

Considering the importance of customer reviews, here are 5 polite ways to ask for a customer review.

1.Reach out to your loyal customers

Not everyone who patronizes your business will want to give a review. While reviews mean a lot to your business, customers may not have that extra time to spare after engaging with your business. Considering that you will not want to bug customers who don’t want to leave reviews, a good way to go about it is to reach out to your loyal customers. You can put a call through to them or send a mail asking them to share honest opinions of their experiences with your business.

2.Ask after a service has been provided

Another way to go about asking for a review from customers in a polite manner is to do so immediately after a service has been provided. Where it is an offline business, a form can be created and placed at the exit point that allows customers to briefly state their experience. Alternatively, if it is an online business, a section can be placed immediately after a service has been provided asking customers to leave a review.

3.Add a call to action on your web page

Call to action is a very powerful tool that can be used by online brands. This tool is placed at a strategic point on the web page asking users to share their opinions of products or services offered by a business. For this call to action to be effective, it has to be well-framed in a manner that convinces visitors and customers to take action and leave a review.

4.Don’t make the review process complicated

Another way to ask for a review in a polite manner is not to make the review process too complicated for users. Businesses with a complicated review process tend to record less reviews than those with a straightforward process. Users don’t have to provide all their information including their personal details before they can write a review. Their names and opinions might be all you need from them to make the process a lot easier for them. Not only will users find a complicated process stressful, but they may also not trust it.

5.Make customers know it doesn’t have to be all positive

Another way to ask for a review is to allow users share their opinions freely. You should let them know that the review doesn’t have to be all good, it only needs to be honest. You can also include that the essence of the review is so you can serve them better.

Customer reviews are important to the growth and sustainability of every business. They help the business know the areas to review on while serving as helpful referrals. This is why knowing how to ask for customer reviews politely is vital.

Be The First To Read What The Experts Assert About realme 5 pro

Calorie Counter Guide A complete calorie counter e-book is a should. You may need one with references to every day foods you will find in grocery shops in addition to eating places. The Biggest Loser Calorie Counter E-book does simply that. You will discover 1000s of meals in this e book. Get it for $eight at

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Many exercise machines and health club posters come with a “zone” for your exercise session, however listed below are more precise calculations you do for your self without gadgets. WARNING–it’s important that earlier than beginning a new exercise program that you just CONSULT A DOCTOR. Assuming you might be clear to start, there are three essential components to design your cardio exercise–Intensity, Duration, and Frequency. Let’s begin with the precept of depth, which is best controlled at THR.

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realme 5 pro gadgets are marvellous appliances which facilitate cooking in an effective, efficient and pleasurable manner. They not solely promote fast preparation, but in addition encourage good food processing. They’re convenient to access and provide excellent functionality.

  1. Food scale – A meals scale helps you precisely preserve observe of portion sizes to the gram. It’s easy to underestimate what you are eating utilizing the eyeball method. Try the Digital Vitamin Meals Scale from Sharper Image. It is a high tech food scale and calculator in one and has a inbuilt database of virtually 2,000 foods. Go to to check out the size. Value is $forty nine.99.


With the advance in technology, digital goods aren’t solely getting rather more inexpensive, but in addition smaller and extra portable than their predecessors from say 10 years in the past. These gadgets are additionally being imbued with a number of performance and therefore extending their usability and lifespan.

A Quick Summary of My Look at Mobility Scooter Batteries from Slk

I recently looked at some Mobility Scooter batteries from Slk, and here’s my general experience:

The first thing I noticed is that SLK offer a recycling service for your old batteries, that’s a cool extra and it’s nice to see that your old batteries can be recycled with them as I care for the enviroment.

The overall selection of batteries they have is large and the voltage and ah (amp hours) is clearly listed next to each battery, which is great as you don’t have to click each listing to see these details for every battery. The next thing to talk about in the listings is that it’s easy to see which batteries have a charger included, as the listing tells you on the picture, again this is important information and I’m glad it was easy to find.

It’s important to remember that with batteries you read all the information to make sure that the replacement is going to work correctly, so if you’re looking here click on the battery you would like and scroll down to the information provided below, here you will find a more detailed list of specifications, including things such as the dimensions of the product, which is an often underlooked area of batteries, but of course it’s still important because they need to fit inside your scooter!

This manufacturer offers full warranty support which is great news and personally I wouldn’t go with anyone who didn’t, because for any electronics a warranty should be provided.

To summerize my thoughts, there are some great products there, with some good company policies, their website is fantastic and my overall user experience was a positive one, I would use this supplier again, in a heartbeat!

I would reccomend these batteries, and overall I would reccomend going and checking out the website too because the design is great and easy to navigate, with all of the information I needeed clearly displayed.

Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Listening

Social media listening is a form of technology that enables a business to keep track of what is being said on different social media platforms about your business. You will gain access to such information without even looking for it.

Through social listening, a business can:

  1. Tracking the number of times, the brand has been mentioned across different social media platforms.
  2. Knowing what is being said about your brand by various consumers.
  3. Identifying different trends and analyzing relevant forms of data.
  4. Evaluating the influence, tone, and the reach of the social messages.
  5. Creating a report that will enable your business to understand the bigger picture. Such information can also be shared with your clients and colleagues at the workplace.

If you are interested in learning more about social listening, you may have come across terms such as social media monitoring.

What is the difference between social media listening and social media monitoring?

As a beginner, you may fail to notice the difference between these two terms. You may assume that they have the same meaning. Well, there is a slight difference between these two terms.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring entails observing and recording using certain instruments that will not have any effect on the operation taking place. Social media monitoring involves collecting quantitative data:

  • What is the overall awareness of your brand?
  • How many times has your brand been mentioned?

Social Media Listening

Social media listening entails analyzing and understanding the quantitative data that has been gathered. The information that you gather will comprise of:

  • Where has your brand been mentioned?
  • How are the consumers talking about your brand?
  • Which are the trends that you are supposed to worry about?
  • How is your brand fairing against your competition?

With Social media monitoring a business can easily learn more about what is happening. Social media listening, on the other hand, will offer an explanation as to what is happening.

When utilizing social listening, you will never miss a conversation that is relevant to your brand. A decade ago, managing a social media account would take less time. As of now, the number of social media users has increased drastically. Also, numerous social media platforms have popped up.

Many businesses currently have a presence on social media, and that is because it is a powerful sales tool. As a result, companies should try out social listening so that they can have a competitive advantage.

As a business owner, you may have a target audience across different social media platforms. Some of these platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. As a result, businesses should have the necessary workforce that will enable them to learn more about what the consumers think about the brand; to do so, a company has to have access to social listening tools.

There are instances whereby a business may be mentioned by its target audience across platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The main issue is that not everyone knows how to use platforms such as Twitter. By using tools such as mention, a business can manage to focus on the conversations that make sense. They will also manage to eliminate unnecessary clutter.

By keeping track of the present and emerging market trends, it is easy to evaluate what the competition is doing right. As long as a business has access to the right knowledge, they will have everything they need to grow while working on important things.

Well, we all know that data is important. Nevertheless, if you cannot use it, it is meaningless. Social listening tools will provide the insight that a business need. In the process, a company can understand the “how” and “why” behind each mention.

Social listening ensures that a business can track everything from one place. A company can go from one network to another while looking into how many times it has been mentioned.