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Business Network Security Tips for Multiple Locations

A data security breach can cost up to four million dollars on damages of a company hence it is something any company would like to avoid. Hackers have been known to target growing companies and expanding to other regions and have security measures which are not updated. Hence companies which have expansion plans should also have data security measures in place to secure their systems. You should ensure that you upgrade the security on all the vulnerable aspects of the company. The following are some tips where you should beef up security.

The WiFi network of the company is the first weak point which you should secure. If your business provide WiFi credentials to a lot of users or operate an open WiFi network, then it becomes more vulnerable. An easily accessible network increases the chances of hackers penetrating your system.

It is also advisable to educate employees on proper security practices. Human errors in the workplace are one of the primary sources for cybersecurity breaches in most organization. Some human errors which can expose your organization to breaches include failing to log out of company accounts especially in organizations with connected network systems. The worker of an organization should be taken to a training clinic where they would be trained how to develop strong password to secure their accounts. When training the workers, never fail to educate them about the latest methods which hackers use to extort confidential information and how they should avoid them.

Thirdly, you should ensure that you have some degree of control to the level of access for users. You can benefit a lot by limiting the number of users who access specific digital databases and physical servers in the organization. The persons who have access to the data center will be more responsible and accountable in case there is a threat to the system. The movements and the network activities can also be easily followed to avoid any error that can expose the system to threats. You should establish the roles of the persons who have access to the data center and be clear when they should access the secure data center.

Finally, you should clear your database for unwanted data. The data in the organization which cannot be accounted for or verified can turn out to be a network security threat. If there is no way of establishing the security threat of client data to the servers of the company, that puts your system in danger of being hacked. Such data should be managed carefully to ensure the safety of the network. You should also delete old users and databases which are no longer in use.