5 Polite Ways to ask for a Customer Review as a Brand

No matter how good a business is, or how quality the products and services it offers are, customer reviews are essential. Not every prospect will take the words of a business as it is.

Sometimes, people believe other customers than they believe the business. This is why knowing how to ask for a review is essential for every brand.

Considering the importance of customer reviews, here are 5 polite ways to ask for a customer review.

1.Reach out to your loyal customers

Not everyone who patronizes your business will want to give a review. While reviews mean a lot to your business, customers may not have that extra time to spare after engaging with your business. Considering that you will not want to bug customers who don’t want to leave reviews, a good way to go about it is to reach out to your loyal customers. You can put a call through to them or send a mail asking them to share honest opinions of their experiences with your business.

2.Ask after a service has been provided

Another way to go about asking for a review from customers in a polite manner is to do so immediately after a service has been provided. Where it is an offline business, a form can be created and placed at the exit point that allows customers to briefly state their experience. Alternatively, if it is an online business, a section can be placed immediately after a service has been provided asking customers to leave a review.

3.Add a call to action on your web page

Call to action is a very powerful tool that can be used by online brands. This tool is placed at a strategic point on the web page asking users to share their opinions of products or services offered by a business. For this call to action to be effective, it has to be well-framed in a manner that convinces visitors and customers to take action and leave a review.

4.Don’t make the review process complicated

Another way to ask for a review in a polite manner is not to make the review process too complicated for users. Businesses with a complicated review process tend to record less reviews than those with a straightforward process. Users don’t have to provide all their information including their personal details before they can write a review. Their names and opinions might be all you need from them to make the process a lot easier for them. Not only will users find a complicated process stressful, but they may also not trust it.

5.Make customers know it doesn’t have to be all positive

Another way to ask for a review is to allow users share their opinions freely. You should let them know that the review doesn’t have to be all good, it only needs to be honest. You can also include that the essence of the review is so you can serve them better.

Customer reviews are important to the growth and sustainability of every business. They help the business know the areas to review on while serving as helpful referrals. This is why knowing how to ask for customer reviews politely is vital.