Beware of Malware – A New Threat To the Computer System

Sometimes there are instances where one does not have full control over the computer. The user will not know what is actually happening in the background of the computer without his knowledge or consent. This is the activity of the Malware. Definition of Malware.

Malware is derived from the word malicious software that is designed to destroy a computer system like virus, Trojans etc. It can damage a single user system or network systems. Malwares can enter a computer through different input devices. The most common interfaces include the Internet, USB, Removable devices, CD, DVD, floppy etc.

Variants of Malware and its effects.

Malware can be categorized into worms, Trojan Horse, viruses, dialers and backdoors. A worm is nothing but a variant of a virus which infects a computer by creating a copy of itself. A virus is a set of computer codes that intend to multiply within a computer and also by sending copies of it to another computer system. Trojan Horse looks like a normal program that requests the user to perform some operations which create a gateway for all viruses to enter the computer. Dialers are malicious programs that slow down Internet speed and exhibits increased usage of the Internet resulting in a hike in the Internet bill. Backdoor hijacks a computer by evading through the security system, typically used by hackers.

Detection and Removal of Malware and its variants.

It is always safe to prevent a malware from entering your computer rather than finding ways to remove it after its entry. Prevention can be achieved by being aware of the malicious Website on the Internet and also while clicking on any entity in the Internet. Always perform a virus scan after inserting any removable device by using a virus scanner. Update your Windows, firewall and antivirus software to achieve optimum performance.

Once the existence of malware is detected in the computer, install a firewall. Firewall is a software that scans incoming and outgoing files from a computer. Windows comes with an inbuilt Windows Firewall which protects the computer system of bad traffic. Firewall protects the computer from dialers, backdoors and other Internet viruses. A Antivirus program can be installed to prevent, protect, scan and remove viruses, Trojans and Worms from damaging and corrupting your system. The users need to keep auto protection enabled for constant monitoring. Computer should be scanned regularly and malware should be removed on detection. A Anti-Spyware program can be installed in a computer to remove Spywares, Adwares and Malwares from your computer system.