Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets That Every Millennial Should Own

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore and thanks to technology and advancements in just about all areas of our lives, including the kitchen, whipping up a meal is now easier than ever.

Kitchen Gadget

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If you want to have the culinary edge and make meals that are truly Instagram-worthy, you need to invest in these great gadgets that will take you from instant noodles connoisseur to master chef.

Slow Cookers

No longer the staple culinary tool of housewives in America, slow cookers are cool again. Or should we say hot? These cookers are great for busy millennials, as you can simply throw everything in, turn it on and walk away. When you get home from work, the gym or walking the dog, you’ll have a ready cooked delicious meal waiting for you.

Kitchen tools

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Kitchen scissors have grown up, and today’s shears are perfect for chopping herbs, slicing up pizza, cutting up kale or even shredding chicken. Thanks to kitchen shears, laboriously slicing things up is no longer part of your day!

Bluetooth thermometers

If you want your meat, chicken or fish to cook perfectly, you need to cook by numbers. Each of these has an ideal cooked temperature, and a Bluetooth thermometer syncs with your phone so that you can keep tabs on the cooking process, and be notified when the heat hits the right numbers. This way, you don’t waste time constantly checking to see if your dish is cooked through.

A dishwasher

If you spend hours doing dishes each week, you may be wondering how big are commercial dishwashers, and if you have enough space for one? Or you may be wondering if commercial dishwashers are the answer for your endless soapy nightmare. You probably don’t need to go that large unless you have a big family, but you should invest in a dishwasher, as it not only saves time, it saves water too.

Immersion blenders

Normal jug blenders can be a pain to clean and there always seems to be something stuck on the blades that you just cannot reach. Immersion blenders save you the hassle and can be used and cleaned quickly straight afterward.

Salad spinner

Life is too short to waste time drying lettuce. A salad spinner will dry your greens quickly and efficiently, leaving you with time for other far more fun things.